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AMHERST TIMES: EDITORIAL: When the Time Comes to Stand by Your Word, Supervisor Weinstein Is a Failure


The contract between Uniland Co., who is going to build a hotel next to our Northtown Hockey Complex, and the Town of Amherst, is invalid. I was informed of this by our former Town Supervisor Barry Weinstein.

He said he didn't sign the contract because he was against the project from the beginning. He made a point of saying he didn't give permission to anyone to sign this contract in his place. He voted against this project twice. In addition to this action he sent a letter to Governor Cuomo expressing his objections to this project. The last Town Board meeting he was in charge of was on December 11, 2017. The minutes of that meeting show all members of the town Board were present including Supervisor Weinstein. There were no other meetings of the Town Board members of any sort that year.

Supervisor Weinstein was my primary physician for many years until his retirement. We had a very close doctor patient relationship and I trusted him with my life. This trust factor supports my claim that the contract was invalid because the information I gather from Dr. Weinstein.  He told me several times that he did not sign the contract and he never gave anyone permission to do so in his place.

To have the Amherst IDA reconsider their vote approving a 1.2 million tax abatement asked for by Uniland I would need written proof. I was advised to ask for an email stating this to be sent from ex-Supervisor Weinstein to the current Supervisor so he could present this to the Amherst IDA.
Supervisor Weinstein said, "No." He doesn't want to get involved, like so many people who won't stick out their neck for the good.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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