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AMHERST TIMES: Ranzenhofer’s Health Fair

By Jim Tricoli

State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer has been feeding off the public trough for 49 years. He has had public and elected positions for all those years as he continued running a very lucrative attorney business.

When and if you receive a flyer from him like the one I got recently concerning a Family Senior Health Fair read it over carefully and notice the services offered. This fair offers free admission, no reservation needed, free screenings, and bring the whole family.

The flyer is 14″ by 81/2″. There is no mention on the flyer who paid to print it. As he is in a very close political race against Amherst's own Joan Elizabeth Seamans I see this as a political piece which he should have used campaign funds to pay for.  Others will see this merely as a public service piece which could be paid for by his state funding.  I tend to see it as political.

I checked with Mike's office. They verified it was sent to the public using his office money, not money from his campaign fund. This is a very sneaky way to get votes for a man who needs to be removed immediately because he has been there too long and his shelf life has expired.

Ray Walters name is listed on the piece as "in conjunction" with Ranzenhofer.  When I called and asked what Walters did the lady told me he helped stuff the give-away bags.  Really?  I have a hard time picturing that happening.

We at the amhersttimes.com felt it was necessary to expose the unethical behavior of State Senator Ranzenhofer.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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