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AMHERST TIMES: Are voters in the 27th Trump backers or McCain’s followers?

by James Tricoli

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A poll came out today stating the Republicans will once again win the 27th district in Congress. The biggest problem with certain polls are the way they ask questions and who they ask questions of.

The poll, which came out today, is from a fairly new pollster who obviously doesn't understand what really has happened to the people in the 27th district. They don't know or understand how the news of Chris Collins, an indicted criminal, who cheated many of his friends who live in the 27th district, has changed their minds away from strictly voting the party line.

Amhersttimes.com has been conducting polls for several years and, not to brag, we have been accurate more than wrong. Our survey concerning the 27th district will be finished this Sunday. The results will be on the amhersttimes.com site on Monday.

New people who live in the 27th district don't know the past history of dishonest candidates who their parents or older relatives may have voted for simply because they were Republican.  They knew little or less about how they were from an organized group of dishonorable people which this group controlled.  They kept putting select individuals in this position to run for the 27th district seat.

This district was cut out so Republicans would always win.  The voters never saw an honest person represent them. The only ones who knew about this group of unethical, dishonest, very rich people were the major party bosses who accepted money from these political crooks. These bosses knew from past elections that the Republican candidate who they put up for the 27th district would win because voters would vote the party line, not really ever checking WHO was running.

Now there is a growing number of people who are looking to vote for the best candidate, not the party line candidate unless he is the best choice. The largest change is the increased number of college educated women, their children and new voters who understand the ugliness of our Present. These people want the person who represents them to have character, honesty and not to to a Trump person filled with hate toward our institutions and anyone who is against him.

Today I'm watching the tributes to Senator John McCain, a Republican who had the courage to put country first not any political figure or ideology.

In the November elections the 27th district voters have the chance to really learn about the candidates and then vote what's in their mind and heart.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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