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AMHERST TIMES: Does Williamsville or Amherst need a car wash?


Car wash 1976.jpg
The scenic look at the corner of Main St and Youngs Rd. where now stands a yellow brick old gasoline station which closed down about a year ago. Diagonal across from this yellow brick structure is a  NOCO gas stationconnect to it you have a quick grocery store and a connecting Tim Hortons.

NOCO said  this car wash will need 3 parcels .One of these spaces is already zone RS .The  two other parcels are a house directly to the north at 15 Youngs Road and a vacant parcel directly to the east at 6172 Main. These two parcels must be rezoned from residential to motor services, Kost said of the Planning Dept.

The amhersttimes.com is asking the public do they want to have a car wash at this corner.  The public should visuziles  this car wash . Will  this car wash enhance the small time feeling of where we live.

I strongly object to the building of a car wash in such a open place. NOCO main objective is to make  money. I understand this but as a citizen of Amherst I believe you should think hard about another place to build this commercial investment.

If NOCO insist on building where they plan to. you  I and hopefully with other neighborhoods groups help me in our fight  to stop our Village and Town to  look like a dump site for all unnecessary money pits for developers.

When will the citizens of Amherst say no to developers I hope it now.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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