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AMHERST TIMES: If the town won’t act, citizens must

By James Tricoli

I have brought up the important topic of how the Amherst Planing Board is one of the greatest gifts developers could ever ask for.  The Planning Board is controlled by a man who has been the biggest appeaser of developers.

Dal Giuliani, whose term on the Planning Board expired January 1, 2017, is this great appeaser. He is a holdover from the old Supervisor's group.  Dal is one of Dr. Weinstein's closest friends.  He is also a partner in several lands deals in Amherst.

When several citizens asked the Town Board why they haven't told Dal to step down from the Planning Board there wasn't any response. Why don't they tell this leech his term is up? The old adage is, "those who sleep with dogs wake up with fleas."

Giuliani isn't a gentleman. He is a puppet, a money hungry individual. Dal is a sociopath with no feelings for anyone but himself.  He gets his money from businesses and people who rent the buildings and places he owns in Amherst. Do we know if any of those buildings got financial assistance from the ZBA or Planning Board?

Words have not convinced the Town Board to replace this man.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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