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AMHERST TIMES: Town board meeting notes


Our present Town Board members are doing their best learning how to run a town. It isn't easy, takes hard work and a great deal of reading. One of their jobs is to be a liaison to several different committees. Some of these committees need someone who understands what the committee should be doing.

The major committees are the Planning Board, ZBA, and the Ethics Committee. There are several more committees which Board members are liaison to. It is hard to be a good liaison to a committee if you don't know the ins and outs of that committee.                                                 
When the liaison falls under the spell of their group the town suffers. We lose more and more of the precious good land we have left in Amherst. The liaison doesn't look at the town's rights but only what the Amherst IDA feeds her/him.

Choosing Board members to be guardians of our town when there are only 4 Town Board members to divide into 30 committees is ludicrous. Most liaisons lack the knowledge of how their assigned committees should work.

Giving Town Board members committees to be liaison who know nothing about these committee is genuinely ridiculous. This system must be changed now before these board members give away too much.

One of the answers is to have qualified citizens be the liaison who will report to the Supervisor which would free up more time for the Town Board  members to do more town related work.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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