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BUFFALO HEALTHY LIVING: Details of Hepatitis A Immunization Clinic announced


ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. -- Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) has confirmed a case of hepatitis A in an individual housed in the Erie County Holding Center (40 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo) earlier this month. There is a strong possibility that persons housed at the Holding Center between Thursday, August 2ndand Monday, August 13th may have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus.

To protect the public and prevent the spread of Hepatitis A in our community, all affected individuals are strongly encouraged to receive the Hepatitis A vaccine.

ECDOH will host a free Hepatitis A vaccine clinic on Monday, August 27thfrom 12 noon –7:00pm at the NFTA Metropolitan Transportation Center(aka Bus Station), 181 Ellicott Street, Buffalo.

There is no charge for the vaccine and no appointment is needed. For additional information on the clinic, individuals should call ECDOH at 716-858-7697.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver. Some people infected with Hepatitis A virus develop severe illness lasting several months while others may only develop a mild illness lasting a few weeks. Hepatitis A can be spread by eating food or drinking water contaminated by the virus, sharing food or utensils or by sharing a bathroom.

Hepatitis A symptoms typically appear 15 to 50 days following an exposure. Typical symptoms include: fatigue, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, low grade fever, abdominal pain or discomfort, dark urine, joint pain, clay-colored bowel movements, and yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice).

For further information, contact ECDOH at 716-858-7697.

Originally posted by Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine . Republished with permission.

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