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TMR: Descent- Towers of Grandiosity

40014221_732887370394687_5703314581623930880_n.jpgTECHNICAL MUSIC REVIEW

Austrailian grinders Descent are releasing their debut album this Friday August 31st through Redefining Darkness Records.  It's very enegertic, raw and straight to the point.  The band brings lots of punk and hardcore elements to the table as well.  There are lots of great bands coming out of Australia and Descent is another example of just that.

I love metal bands that don't stick to one genre.  Descent is a multi genre metal band that really brings the heat.  The drumming is very entertaining and is probably one of my favorite highlights of the album.  The guys keep you entertained with their constant changes in speed, and when they it a pocket groove they stick to it.  Descent has already opened up for the super entertaining (and yeah I've see the monstrosity live) King Parrot! If that isn't metal cred, I don't know what is!


Check out the video for "Confined" right here! Get your hands on this saucy release when it drops in a few days!


Originally published on Technical Music Review. Republished with permission.

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