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AMHERST TIMES: The Trump Imperative if They Are Against Me Destroy Them My Republican Goats.

by James Tricoli

On Sunday morning I read the Wall Street Journal and other news sources, then I read our local Buffalo News which I believe is one of the best newspaper in the country. It doesn't express all my views but I believe it tries to be fair. On the opinion page on  Sunday September 2nd,2018 in the Buffalo News they have one of our best local reporters covering the political scene in WNY, Bob McCarthyhe wrote about Trump's influence on certain party bosses as to whom they will put in the seat now occupied by Chris Collins, an indited felon.

Mr. Langworthy said a few days ago, "For us it's Trump, Trump. We are focusing on electing a conservative, Republican member of congress to help President Trump achieve his agenda." Mr Langworthy must be choking on these words. Nick, have you been keeping your head under a pillow. Mr. Trump is not a person you or your party should follow. Remember the famous Judas goat who led his followers over a deadly cliff because they were told to do so. Are you that Judas goat?

Chairman Langworthy, how violent will you get? Will you be packing a gun to shoot the traitorous  people who voted against Trump's choices in the upcoming elections? He believes his followers will. Remember when he said he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters."

He keeps screaming in every city, "If the Democrats win the Congress there will be violence, violence." What kind of violence is he shouting about?  Is it the kind which  turns brother against brother. Mr. Langworthy will you follow his preaching to fight in the streets of Amherst against your neighbors and force your party members to drink James Jones's famous Kool aid when the discover they were tricked by people like you, Nick, who was a leader of the group which backed Trump blindly?

The public wants to know how far you will go as a devoted follower of Trump's new Republicanism? Nick, will you order your party to fight in the streets to change our government to the government of Trump ism?

If this sound ridiculous listen to the people at his rallies. Nick, please remember history repeats itself unless our country learned a lesson from the last great war fought between brothers in America.

James Tricoli is editor of the amhersttimes.com.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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