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Nominations for All WNY Awards begins Saturday

Hello again readers!

At 12:01 a.m. Saturday, the nominations for the 2018 All WNY Awards will open at AllWNYAwards.com.

This year's awards will feature 23 categories, as follows:

  • Best New Band
  • Best Live Band
  • Best Rock Band
  • Best Punk/Pop-Punk Band
  • Best Hardcore/Metal Band
  • Best Folk/Acoustic Band
  • Best Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
  • Best Country Band
  • Best Blues Band
  • Best DJ
  • Best Local Song
  • Best Local Release (EP or Album)
  • Best Venue
  • Best Vocalist
  • Best Guitarist
  • Best Bassist
  • Best Drummer
  • Best “Other” Instrumentalist
  • Best EDM
  • Best Electronic / Industrial Band
  • Most Original Band/Artist
  • Best All WNY Radio Show
  • Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award
For more details and the rules for this year's awards, click here.

Scott Leffler
All WNY Radio

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