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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E22)

Hosts Ryan Gurnett, Nate Noworyta and Will Webb talk tour stories with Ian Archibald (Cardboard Homestead) and Cameron Thibeault (Of Night and Light). We’ll play music from our both guests and they will join us for a game of Fretboard Feud, where we talk about the worst venues in Buffalo and the worst thing about drummers and more! 1:51 - Nominate Your Favorite Artists for the 2018 All WNY Music Awards 3:38 - Tour Story Roundtable with Ryan, Cameron Thibeault from Of Night and Light and Ian Archibald from Cardboard Homestead 4:52 - Tour Story: Ryan Goes to Alliance, OH 5:48 - Tour Story: “The Crackhead Did It, In Ohio, With the Lead Pipe” 9:22 - Tour Story: “At Least It’s Not Brooklyn” 13:02 - MUSIC: “Poor Man” by Cardboard Homestead 14:42 - Tour Story: “An 18 Hour Drive to Play for an Empty Room” 16:46 - Tour Story: “At Least It’s Not Cincinnati” 21:55 - Tour Story: “International House of a Couch Full of Kittens” 27:43 - MUSIC: “Arson” by Of Night and Light 30:47 - Tour Story: “I Got the Crabs” 36:40 - Tour Story: “Bitch, we just passed Nazareth!” 42:04 - Tour Story: “That’s Field Medicine” 47:45 - FRETBOARD FEUD: What are you most likely to leave behind at a gig? 55:25 - FRETBOARD FEUD: What’s the worst thing about drummers? 1:01:20 - FRETBOARD FEUD: What’s the worst venue in Buffalo? 1:09:08 - Upcoming Shows 1:12:42 - Housekeeping FOR FURTHER STUDY Ryan’s superior local music Spotify playlists are available at: https://open.spotify.com/user/kellanya?si=eUrfVz1HRP2RLL6olxExrg Follow us on Twitter @SIRPodcastNY. Ryan can also be found on Twitter at @SirWilliamIdol‏. Keep up with our shenanigans on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheStruggleisRealPodcast/ Listen here, or via the All Western New York News & Radio app for Android and *now for* ios. Go give some love to our announcer, Dustin, and his podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/upchuck-theater

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