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TRICOLI: Clarence Republicans to blame for Collins and his ilk

by James Tricoli

The stench coming from the District 27 seat in the United States House of Representatives isn't caused by men like Chris Collins, Bill Paxon and Tom Reynolds who all sat in the same seat in Congress. Two of  three men were involved in financial scandals, the other man resigned because of a scheme he started to oust Newt Gingrich and for other personal reasons.

The stink comes from rich people in Clarence who wanted a man who would represent them, no matter if he lacked honesty, integrity, or trustworthiness as long as he was a Conservative Republican who would make them richer.

The rest of the population of Clarence must now choose the better person. Tom Reynolds, when he was in Congress, had the 27 District redistricted so that it would always remain in the Republican Pickets.  Allies in Washington wanted a district that would allow him to vote "like a Southern conservative." With the help of Vice President Dick Cheney, Reynolds pressured the state legislature to gerrymander his district so that it closely resembled what it is now.

Every parent and grandparent should look deep into the eyes of their children and grandchildren and remember that Trump cares for no one but himself.  The 27th District must remain Republican no matter what.

When Trump sends our children and grandchildren to fight in conflicts he creates you must not forget how Trump got out of serving in the army because of his famous "bone spurs." His word isn't trustworthy. He has lied more than 5000 times since he took office.

Clarence is known as the pithole for crooked politicians.  The person they put in there will follow Collins' tradition.

So, no matter who the Republicans place in Collins' seat it will still be in the same mold as the past dishonest men who served there.

Please vote for the person who isn't a clone of Chris Collins.

James Tricoli is editor of the amhersttimes.com.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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