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TRICOLI: Most students who go to college earn a degree in how to get drunk and act like a food

by James Tricoli

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In case you haven't heard, at UB North this past weekend over 100 students were given an appearance ticket for being intoxicated at a party. One young man was either pushed or fell off the roof where the party was going on. This young man was taken to ECMC in serious condition. U.B. security force said parties like these happen almost every weekend. Don't be misled.  Parties like this happen at UB South as well.

The students are given appearance tickets by the UB Security force. They must appear before Amherst  Town Justices.

I would like to know what the usual punishment for these intoxicated students. If a student appears often before the Town Justices what is the usual punishment?

Most of the students are 18 or older, therefore their parents are never notified unless the student is seriously hurt or has died during a drinking party.

James Tricoli is editor of AmherstTimes.com.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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