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AMHERST TIMES: Tonight’s the night the ads will stop. Yay!


The wind is blowing hard tonight, as much as some of our politicians have been for the last month or so. Our television has been flooded with so many lies from the candidates that we had to give our TV a timeout.

The number one liar is Congressman Chris Collins followed by Tom Reed, Ray Walter and his close and dear friend Micheal Ranzenhofer.

It's clear that the women just didn't lie as much as men. When you heard Karen McMahon speak she didn't lie at all.  Fran Spoth didn't have any television ads but at the candidate's forum, she told the truth. The same for Joan Elizabeth Seamans, who had the roughest race and handled it with grace.

Good luck to all the truthful candidates.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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