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TRICOLI: Can Kellyanne Find Her Conscience If She Can Visualize Herself in the Same Cages Where Immigrants Are Suffering?

by James Tricoli

Kellyanne Conway is a disgrace to every mother, grandmother, sister and aunt who came to America because of fear of being killed or treated like pigs.

Kellyanne, stop and think. I believe you should live in a cage and have your 4 children taken from you and put somewhere where you have no idea where they are. You fear you will never see them again. This pain is worse than any physical pain you have to suffer being in the cage. If you were put in a cage and treated like people from a foreign country are treated today I'm wondering how you would feel.

Imagine 2 men taking you to a room where other soldiers wait to beat you. The men say you have nobody to stand up for you so they have nothing to worry about. After you been beaten you cry for water. No problem. The men pick you up and put your head in the unflushed toilet bowl.
Kellyanne, are you getting the point? These immigrants need your help so they aren't treated like non-humans.

Kellyanne, when you're finally released your teeth have been pulled out of your mouth because you had some gold fillings, you stink because they wouldn't let you bathe and the pain in your mind is driving you crazy because you have no idea where your 4 lovely children are.
You must fight for these people because you're a human who can understand the pain they are going through.

James Tricoli is editor of AmherstTimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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