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TRICOLI: Langworthy the New York State Republican Leader Has a Chance to REALLY Lead

By James Tricoli

What if Trump said, "Let them starve to death," would the Republicans still stay silent?
Did you know there was a concentration camp for children? "Little Auschwitz"

Here I am on Sunday morning at my church. The sermon was about helping those who can't.  The priest said, "The smallest thing you do to help your fellow man will count big time after your gone."
There's a litany of people who forgot this or block it out of their minds when they face this simple rule of GOD. There is no greater love but to give their life for your fellow man.
Jesus Himself fulfilled this greatest love by dying for us so that we could be forgiven of all our sins and have fellowship with GOD.

When Mass finished, as I was driving home, I started to think about what I heard in church. I will try harder to help people who need a voice or a helping hand, more than I have been doing.

When I got home I had a cool drink of lemonade and starting to read the church bulletin. There was a request that if you are traveling and are going to stay at a hotel that gives out mini – toiletries and you don't use them to please drop them off in church.  They will donate them to Harbour House which is an overnight drop-in-center for the mentally ill in Buffalo.

Next, I start reading the Buffalo News. There was an editorial about Nick Langworthy who has been just elected to be the Chairman of New York State's Republican Party. He is a strong supporter or Trump. My mind jumped to a photo I had seen of Nick's wedding photo. It was a beautiful photo of his wife and Nick in the Catholic church where were wed. I have also seen many photos of their beautiful child.

It is hard being a Catholic and being involved in politics. I'm asking Nick what he would do if his child was taken away from him and put with the immigrant children and his wife replace a mother in a camp in a different state because he violated one of Trump's directives.

Think about how those mothers and children are being treated in these camps compared with the way you treat your loved ones. Remember Nick, some things are flat out wrong. If you stand up against what is happening to these families then you have shown you have a heart and care for all people.

James Tricoli is the editor of AmherstTimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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