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AMHERST TIMES: What The People of Amherst Want to Have In Amherst’s Central Park

By James Tricoli

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There finally was a light. Supervisor Kulpa held a meeting last evening where the people of Amherst sat at tables and wrote down what they would like in 'Amherst Central Park'. Supervisor Kulpa is working hard with U.B. and the Mensch Group to make Central Park a reality.

Kulpa is the first Supervisor in years who is thinking more about the people of Amherst than any of his predecessors. His words are spoken in truth which is the biggest reason why the people of Amherst admire and respect him. He is a visionary while other Supervisors only thought how to switch money around so Amherst would have a low tax rate.

The tragedy of past Supervisors and their Town Boards was that they set Amherst in a catch-up mode to the realization of what is needed for Amherst residents, their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Last night's meeting was overflowing with people who expressed what they would like to see in their dream of a central park. The number one thing our citizens would like is more Pickleball Courts.

There were several other things like an art and culture facility, more sports areas to play baseball and Bocce ball, and turning the clubhouse into a community center for the people of Amherst.

There was very little interest in having any golf courses because of low usage. Our current golf courses lose in the range of $300,000 dollars every year.

It was thrilling to see how many people attended this meeting to give their input on the future of the Central Park concept. Republicans and Democrats along with members of other political parties as well as people who don't belong to any party came together for the future of Amherst.

Supervisor Kupla made it clear that if anyone has any problems understanding what was discussed last night they should call his office in Town Hall. The Supervisor's phone numbers are 631-7033 and 631-7034.

This project is the biggest adventure Amherst has taken on in decades. If you can help make this a reality call our Supervisor and volunteer your time and thoughts.
I believe Supervisor Kupla deserves a well earned 'Bravo.'

James Tricoli is editor of AmherstTimes.com.

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