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Barker Lions learn about Music Boosters

BARKER -- The Barker Lions Club got a visit at its recent meeting from Nancy Pettinger and Maria Cantella of the Barker Music Boosters.

For eight years, the Music Boosters and Lions Club have partnered for a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser the first Sunday of March.  After giving a history of the organization, the speakers explained where the funds went. First of all, there is a scholarship fund. Seniors who are heading to college can apply for a music scholarship.

They don’t have to be music majors, but rather participants in some aspect of the music program, either chorus or band.  Other funds were used for band dress clothes.  For the younger students, the boosters provide cummerbunds and bow ties.  For the older students, dress shirts, tuxedo pants or black skirts are also provided.

At the pancake breakfast, students from the various musical groups perform. If it is near the school musical time, some of those songs are performed as well. This year’s pancake breakfast will be March 5.

Meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 PM, each meeting includes dinner and speaker. For more information about Barker Lions and its projects, go to www.BarkerLions.org. To become involved in one of our projects, to speak at a meeting or to be a guest at a meeting, call 778-7001 or email Roar@BarkerLions.org.

Photo of Barker Music Boosters Secretary Maria Cantella and President Nancy Pettinger with Barker Lions President Chris Czelusta contributed.

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