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AMHERST TIMES: Amherst Democratic Chairman Jerry Schad’s choice for Town Clerk couldn’t be more wrong


This November the seat for Amherst Town Clerk will be another opening to vote on.  Our present Republican Town Clerk has given notice that September 16th will be her last day. From now until the election on November 13, 2018, there probably won't be a Town Clerk, but her very capable assistant Katy Cooper will run this very difficult department. Katy is the only person who knows the ins and outs of the Town Clerk Department.

The Democrats have endorsed Fran Spoth who currently serves on our Town Board. I have seen Mrs. Spoth on our Town Board since she's been elected to it. I thought she was either mute or had had laryngitis because she never questioned anything which came up before the Board. Every department who wanted to buy new equipment she would never question anything about the equipment: was it really needed? It seems she sits on the Board only to collect the pay.

She is a devoted friend of developers. She would't say no to any of the big boy developers. One of her close friends is Bob Gilmour. She appointed him to the Planning Board and shipped out Duncan Black to the ZBA.

She married a Spoth but not one of the Spoth Brothers who are well known in our area for their lucrative businesses. She received many votes because of her name. I have attended Town Board meetings for over 20 years and discovered that Fran Spoth is a mover behind the scenes. Putting her up for Town Clerk  would cripple our Town Clerk's office due to her lack of knowledge of how to do the job and Supervise a group of people.

Fran Spoth has a Masters Degree in Philosophy. Going to college and earning a Masters degree does not mean anything unless the person has the ability to do the job. Running a Department of such importance as the Town Clerk's office which handle millions of dollars of our taxes and so many other important town matters like marriage licences , disability permits, animal licences and many other duties may be beyond her capability. Mrs. Spoth hasn't introduced any new resolutions or anything at all. She is a very lazy lady who does the minimum to collect her pay.

If I were a Republican in charge of choosing an opponent for Fran Spoth my choice be Erin Baker, who  has the experience of working with people and running an office. This office needs the most competent person available and Fran Spoth is not that person.

If you watch the last three Town Board meetings on tape on the Town of Amherst website, you can count the words she says. I believe it's zero.

Fran Spoth is the personal choice of the Amherst Democratic Committee Chairman Jerry Schad. Mr. Schad is also the chairman of the very dirty Erie County Water Authority.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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