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AMHERST TIMES: "Monday night’s Amherst Town Board meeting was an honor to attend"


By James Tricoli
Editor of the amhersttimes.com

I attended last night's Town Board meeting to stay on top of what is happening with our tax dollars and what new projects our town is planning to do.

Last night was the first time I ever stood in awe. Our Planning Director, Dan Howard, was honored for serving our country for 40 years. Lt. Colonel Daniel Howard just retired from our armed services. The list of honors he received in his 40 years protecting our country and us was remarkable.

This gentleman who served our country walks the town halls as a quiet giant. He is a giant of a man who I greatly respect and admire.

Lt. Colonel Daniel Howard may you have the best of every thing life can give to a man who served his country for 40 years with such devotion and love.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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