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Head of the Niagara awaits Canisius rowing on Sunday


Misa Gamble
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Canisius rowing team will be staying in Buffalo this weekend to participate in the Head of the Niagara, as the Golden Griffins take to the water Oct. 14. The regatta is set for an 8 a.m. start, with the Blue and Gold racing in the Collegiate 4s at 10:25 a.m. and the Collegiate 8s at 1:25 p.m.
Last Time Out
• The Blue and Gold took part in the Mercyhurst Invitational on Sept. 29.
• The Griffs raced their varsity eight boat along with a trio of varsity four boats against regional competition from Robert Morris, Mercyhurst and RIT.
• Each boat was in a five-kilometer head race, followed by a 500-meter sprint race. The 500-meter sprint race was multiplied by five, to give a weighted score, and the times from the two portions were added together for a final time.
• The varsity eight placed third with a five-kilometer time of 19:54.54 and a 500-meter time of 01:34.82 (07:54.10 weighted) to finish with a final time of 27:48.64.
• The "A" varsity four had a 21:43.28 time in the five-kilometer part before posting a 500-meter time of 01:50.76 (09:13.80 weighted) for a final time of 30:57.08, putting them first after the top Mercyhurst boat was disqualified.
• The "B" varsity four was the runner-up in the V4 session with a 31:41.89 final time. The crew crossed the finish line a time of 22:33.39 in the five-kilometer portion before notching a 01:49.70 time in the 500-meter race for a 09:08.50 weighted score.
• Coming in third overall was the Griffs' "C" varsity four. Their five-kilometer time of 23:08.47 and 500-meter time of 01:51.51 (09:17.55 weighted) gave them a 32:26.02 final time.
Head of the Niagara Notes
• The regatta is held at and hosted by the West Side Rowing Club.
• Last year's edition of the regatta was cancelled due to strong winds causing unsafe conditions.
• The last time the Griffs raced in the event in 2016, the varsity eight finished first while the second varsity eight placed second. For the varsity fours, the "A" boat took home the top spot and the "B" boat placed third.
• The 2015 regatta was also cancelled, while the Griffs took home first in both the varsity eight and varsity four at the 2014 event.
Up Next
On Oct. 27, the Blue and Gold will head to the Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia, Pa. to close out their fall schedule.
Coach Kerri Brace's Pre-Regatta Comments
"I'm excited for the team to get out and race this weekend on their home course. We've learned a lot from our racing experiences so far this season, and we're ready to apply that into the lineups we send out Sunday."
Canisius Collegiate 8+ "A":
Cox- Misa Gamble
Str- Sydney Bichsel
7- Max McGuire
6- Allyson Matrassi
5- Shannon Pritzker
4- Emma Vicaretti
3- Bridget Lillis
2- Alexandra Heinz
Bow- Brynn Krolikowski
Canisius Collegiate 8+ "B":
Cox- Gianna Ortolani
Str- Audrey Rieman
7- Jessica Fabian
6- Cat Gallagher
5- Tara Federow
4- Sara Ruszczyk
3- Anezka Krobot
2- Bridget Brogan
Bow- Katie Kraft
Canisius Collegiate 4+ "A":
Cox- Emma Sabio
Str- Sydney Bichsel
3- Max McGuire
2- Allyson Matrassi
Bow- Emma Vicaretti
Canisius Collegiate 4+ "B":
Cox- Gianna Ortolani
Str- Audrey Rieman
3- Shannon Pritzker
2- Bridget Lillis
Bow- Brynn Krolikowski
Canisius Collegiate 4+ "C":
Cox- Misa Gamble
Str- Jessica Fabian
3- Tara Federow
2- Cat Gallagher
Bow- Bridget Brogan

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