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All WNY Awards ceremony slated for Jan. 19 in Niagara Falls

As announced Saturday night at ThinkSoJoe's Birthday Show at Mohawk Place, the ceremony for the 2018 All WNY Awards will be held from 3 - 9 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019 at the Evening Star Concert Hall in Niagara Falls.

While we know that two months is a long way to wait to unveil the winners in the 23 categories of the 2018 awards, we hope to make the wait both bearable and worth it.

Between now and the day of the show, we will reveal the top five vote recipients in each of the categories, beginning with the Best Venue category on Wednesday. A new category will be revealed every three days.

  • Nov. 14 - Best Venue
  • Nov. 17 - Best Rock Band
  • Nov. 20 - Best Punk / Punk-Pop Band
  • Nov. 23 - Best Folk/Acoustic Band
  • Nov. 26 - Best Hardcore/Metal Band
  • Nov. 29 - Best Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
  • Dec. 2 - Best County Band
  • Dec 5 - Best Blue Band
  • Dec. 8 - Best Electronic / Industrial Band
  • Dec. 11 - Best EDM
  • Dec. 14 - Best DJ
  • Dec. 17 - Best New Band
  • Dec. 20 - Best Live Band
  • Dec. 23 - Most Original Band
  • Dec. 26 - Best Guitarist
  • Dec. 29 - Best Bassist
  • Jan. 1 - Best Drummer
  • Jan. 4 - Best Vocalist
  • Jan. 7 - Best “Other” Instrumentalist
  • Jan. 10 - Best Local Song
  • Jan. 13 - Best Local Release (EP or Album)
  • Jan. 16 - Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award

Then on the day of the ceremony, we will reveal the winner of each category, as well as have live performances from some of the nominees -- maybe even some of the winners -- during a free event at the Evening Star. A lineup of approximate times for each awarded category, as well as the performances, will be announced at a later date.

In total, 6,175 ballots were cast over four weeks of voting in October and early November. We hope you enjoyed the new format for the awards, but always welcome any comments, as we're always looking to improve.

Keep your eyes here for more details tomorrow. And if you have any questions, email me.

Scott Leffler
All WNY Radio

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