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NORMAL CHEF: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. By now everyone pretty much has their menus set and knows what they are serving, so I am just going to write about a little of my feelings on the holiday and give you two fantastic thanksgiving leftover recipes.
To me Thanksgiving is about family, traditions, and value, and by that I mean it is about the quality of time that we get to spend with our family, and friends. For me family is not necessarily blood related but love related. I know that sounds corny but it really is true, spending most of my adult life living away from my family I have come to realise that family are those that you Can rely on the most during any time, good or bad.
I love all the traditions that come with Thanksgiving, watching the parade, the football games, the smell of the turkey slow roasting all day, making all the food, the fancy table decorations, and the game night for my family.
How ever with that being said I have worked almost every Thanksgiving my whole adult life, so we don't do Thanksgiving dinner until my day off. When I was growing up we did the fancy table set up, all the serving dishes on the table, it was beautiful and very special, as I became the hostess, after the first year hosting the dinner I soon went to disposable pans and disposable Thanksgiving paper plates, because I wanted to spend time with my family and friends not doing all those dishes, which at my house was a lot.
With that being said, to all of you Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Try these recipes you will be surprised how easy and good they are.

Grilled Turkey and cheese:

2 slices of a hearty bread, I like sour dough
2 slices sharp cheddar cheese
1 slice of left over canned cranberry sauce, yes I love the canned sauce, if not use 2 T. Of cranberry sauce.
2-3 slices of left over Turkey.

Butter your bread, 1 slice of cheese on each piece of bread, then add your turkey, and cranberry sauce, close it up and here is the key put it in a pre heated skillet and grill on both sides until golden brown.

Waffle stuffing

In my house we always have leftover stuffing, because we make so much, but then we get to the point that your like enough is enough. I seen this on brunch at Bobbies on food network and tried it, oh my was it good.

Use your waffle iron, make sure it's preheated, and depending on capacity and spray the iron and then add your left over stuffing, and cook it until golden brown, remove it and drizzle it with syrup. Oh man was it good, it was nice and crunchy and hot. Now here is an even more mind blowing add on, fry some chicken tenders, and you have a new take on chicken and waffles.

Natilie Cavnar is a cooking fanatic who loves to try new recipes, and create some of her own, ask her what you want at thenormalchef@gmail.com.

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