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2018 ALL WNY AWARDS: Full list of winners

ThinkSoJoe (Joe Kent) presents the Best Guitarist award to Joe Lamoureux of Nuclear Winter as part of the 2018 All WNY Awards. Kent went on to win an award of his own later in the program.
Below are the winners of the 23 categories of the 2018 All WNY Awards. Clicking the title of each award will bring up the page for that award, complete with the certificates of the honorees.

Best Folk/Acoustic
First Place: Folkfaces
Honorable Mentions: PA Line, Rust Belt Brigade, Shannon Vanderlaan and Yellow Sauce.

Best New Band
First Place: Buried Beneath Concrete
Honorable Mentions: Copper & Gin, Over & Out, Shambles and The Eaves.

Best Live Band
First Place: Dredneks
Honorable Mentions: Cardboard Homestead, Exham Priory, Wyatt Coin and Yellow Sauce.

Best Punk/Pop-Punk Band
First Place: Wyatt Coin
Honorable Mentions: City Powered Radio, Ghostpool, Of Night and Light and Super-Tugger.

Best Rock Band
First Place: Mom Said No
Honorable Mentions: Archres, Exham Priory, Ish Kabibble and The Scarecrow Show.

Best Hardcore/Metal Band
First Place: Nuclear Winter
Honorable Mentions: Coffin Hook, County Kings, DredNeks and Kennedy Carpool.

Best Local Song
First Place: "Roses" by Ronnie Watts
Honorable Mentions: “Amygdala (Aka… Push It Back)” by Jordan Potter, "Broken" by Of Night and Light, "Home" by PA Line and “Waves” by Archres.

Best Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
First Place: Chuckie Campbell
Honorable Mentions: Cosmic Brownie, Mark Lee, Monkey Brothaz and Twistello.

Best Country Band
First Place: Uncle Ben's Remedy
Honorable Mentions: Beautiful Remedy, Kate Mallen, Skiffle Minstrels and Steam Donkeys.

Best Blues Band
First Place: Handsome Jack
Honorable Mentions: Blues Daddios, Miller and the Other Sinner, Robert "Freight Train" Parker and The Tommy Z Band.

Best DJ
First Place: DJ SYOTOS
Honorable Mentions: DJ Rankan, K-Rog, Matka, and N3wT.

Best Local Release
First Place: Mom Said No - "Welcome to the Loser's Club"
Honorable Mentions: Yellow Sauce for "The Ballad of BobPaul," City Powered Radio with "I Drink Therefore I Am," Exham Priory for "From Darker Tides" and Space Junk with "Ascension."

Best Venue
First Place: Mohawk Place
Honorable Mentions: Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo Riverworks, Sportsman’s Tavern and Stamps ... The Bar.

Best Vocalist
First Place: Danielle Mazziotti (Iron Soul)
Honorable Mentions: Ally Rose Marella, Grace Stumberg, Ronnie Watts and Zak Ward.

Best Guitarist
First Place: Joe Lamoureux (Nuclear Winter)
Honorable Mentions: Jamie Holka, Jordan Potter, Matt Fantini of Space Junk and Nick Lucido of Exham Priory.

Best Bassist
First Place: Nick Myers (DredNeks)
Honorable Mentions: Ben Juchniewicz of The Scarecrow Show, Cameron Chase Thibault of Of Night and Light, Dan Twist of Exham Priory and Jeff Miller of Cypher.

Best Drummer
First Place: Diana Nowak-Riffel
Honorable Mentions: Jon Juchniewicz of The Scarecrow Show, Jose Crespo of DredNeks, Naomi Langworthy and Tyler Rzemek of On the Cinder.

Best “Other” Instrumentalist
First Place: Grant Emeigh - Washboard (DredNeks)
Honorable Mentions: Cary Meehan of Space Junk (Keyboards/Synth); Kevin Sampson of First Ward (Keyboards); Paul Burt of Digital Afterlife, The Finality Complex, Bass Pro and (716) Trombones (Bass Trombone), and Sally Schafer of Over and Out (Violin).

Most Original Band/Artist
First Place: Cypher
Honorable Mentions: Space Junk, Witty Tarbox, Wyatt Coin and Yellow Sauce.

Best EDM
First Place: Basha
Honorable Mention: ON11XX (Roberto Fuentes Jr.)

Best Electronic/Industrial Band
First Place: Space Junk
Honorable Mentions: Andy Olson, Digital Afterlife, Optic Oppression and Westward Journey.

Best All WNY Show/Podcast
First Place: Joe Kent
Honorable Mentions: Cory McKnight (Cory Comments On), Michael Sargent (The Big Picture), The Nick & Dan Show, Scott Leffler (Here's the Thing) and The Struggle is Real.

Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award:
First Place: Greg Burt
Honorable Mentions: Corina DeFabbio, Dewey Richbar, Joe Kent and Marty Boratin.

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