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ALL WNY AWARDS: Best Drummer top nominees announced

Today, we're listing to top nominees in the Best Drummer category. Listed in alphabetical order, they are:
  • Diana Nowak-Riffel (Pangea)
  • Jon Juchniewicz (The Scarecrow Show)
  • Jose Crespo (DredNeks)
  • Naomi Langworthy
  • Tyler Rzemek (On the Cinder)
Next, we'll announce the top nominees for Best Vocalist on Friday, Jan. 4. The rest of the announcements will be made as follows:
  • Jan. 4 - Best Vocalist
  • Jan. 7 - Best “Other” Instrumentalist
  • Jan. 10 - Best Local Song
  • Jan. 13 - Best Local Release (EP or Album)
  • Jan. 16 - Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award

Scott Leffler
All WNY Radio

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