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TMR: Evergrey- The Atlantic


Evergrey released "The Atlantic "a few days ago on January 25th and it's quite the wild ride.  This melodic progressive metal band has grabbed my attention and gone under the radar for quite some time. Prior to this release there are a handful of other albums, so it's not like they're a new band…..better late than never, right? What really drew me into Evergrey at first is their ability to write huge, melodic songs without boring me.  There's some longer songs that are heavily layered with some awesome vocals and keyboards, and relentless riffage as well.


Tom Englund- Vocals & Guitar
Henrik Danhange- Guitar
Rikard Zander- Keyboards
Jonas Ekdahl- Drums
Johann Niemann- Bass

It's really cool to hear audible bass, for a change.  Johann has some really cool bass lines on "The Atlantic".  Most of the time the bass is mixed so deep it's basically lost in the song (especially in progressive genres that have more going on).  In this case, that is not the story.  You can hear the bass, but doesn't overpower the songs at all.  It's actually quite refreshing for a change.  Jonas' thunderous drums has the rhythm section stand out even more, making the two a solid duo as the backbone of Evergrey.  The guitar leads are melodic, beautiful pieces of art that tie all the songs together.  Zander's keyboard talents can't be undermined, who greatly adds to the melodic and atmospheric sound of Evergrey.  "The Atlantic" is a rather cool album that offers a lot to progressive power metal fans with a whole lot of melody.  If you want a nice change in pace, check out Evergrey!


Originally published on Technical Music Review. Republished with permission.

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