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TMR: Ulfven releases “The Keeper’s Hymn” as second single for upcoming record “Folklore”


You guys may remember the band Ulfven who released their first song "A Mother's Betrayal" not too long ago.  In case you missed that track, the song is in the link in the previous sentence.  They're a death metal band with some melodic tendencies, and now with their second song there's progressive notes and it's a bit bigger.  I'm expecting their debut to be really mystical, and slightly progressive as well.  I got used to the first song and immediately fell in love with the band….but "The Keeper's Hymn" is swaying me a bit more with every growing listen.  It's a solid track that's not as straightforward, but definitely an epic at over 7 minutes long. "Folklore" is still on track to be released on February 1st, so I suggest you mark that date on your calendar!  Give the guys a listen and check out the latest song right below! Hails!

Originally published on Technical Music Review. Republished with permission.

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