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AMHERST TIMES: The People Who Live in Amherst Call it Home. We Must Keep it That Way.


The Monster Which Will Eat Up Your Home

Most of the people who live in Amherst call it home. They came here to bring up their families, to enjoy the beautiful environment, the great schools for their kids, and to enjoy the safety and tranquility of the area. It's why we call Amherst our home.

Developers want to make big money here and turn our Town of Amherst into the City of Amherst.

The developers' plans are to put 4 story buildings next to our homes. They wouldn't do this to theirs but have no compunctions about doing it to us.  They want to surround our homes with shopping plazas. Believe me, this is the plan of our current Town Board and also the next. The November election doesn't give the people a choice because all of the candidates are 'owned' by a developer.
Try to remember why we call Amherst our home town. The people who want to change it don't call it their home but see it as a gold mine to make money from all the development they have planned.
The people who call Amherst home must find a way to put a wrench into the developers' plans. We must and we will.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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