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AMHERST TIMES: Asking Lynne Dixon What Are Your True Feelings on Trump’s Policy of Taking Children From Their Mothers


Amherttimes.com is asking Lynne Dixon to write an open letter to the people of Erie County sharing her true feelings about Trump's policy of taking children from their mothers at the border.

When I interviewed Lynne Dixon, who is running for Erie County Executive, she told me her strong personal feelings about what needs to be changed in Erie County. I believed her then and believe her now. I perceived she was against Trump's policy of taking children from their parents and not keeping records of where each person was placed. There are over 408 children who, as of today, the Dept. of Homeland Security can't locate their parents.

When I talked to Lynne she was very high on the family she was brought up in. Lynne, please look at each of your children and then let your mind imagine how you would feel if they were taken from you and you were not told where they would be. Let your voters know how you feel.  What would you do to help the detained children and their families?

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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