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Lockport art gallery to hold William Rich exhibit reception


LOCKPORT -- A gallery reception will be held for an ongoing exhibit by award-winning local artist William Rich from 1 - 4 p.m. July 20 at ART247 in Lowertown. The gallery "invites the public to meet with Rich and delve further into experience transformed into art."

A United States Army Veteran, Rich's Solo Artist Exhibition "In A Silent Way" opened June 8 and runs through Aug. 11. The exhibit reveals and explores the motivation and inspiration behind his unique style, and the awe inspiring works born through and out of his past experiences.

"In A Silent Way. While in the 101st Airborne, I was told after a botched Air Assault Mission that we were lucky to be alive and be thankful. Soon after, as a civilian, I was told by several nurses and doctors I should never complain, after a man walked up behind me on South Park Ave and shot me five times in the head. I took heed, because I saw victims in much worse situations. I got up and walked away when I had no business doing so. Being 6’8”, no one really wants to hear my words anyway.

I began painting and creating with pen & ink while my personal life suffered, I was crawling out of deep dark holes in my past - my ‘art’ became my voice. I chose not to do still life paintings, my choice was heavy metal, booze, and an empty canvas. I let my subconscious guide my pen and brush strokes. It took years to figure out the message my work was saying, and all my works have a message. I would not be interested in creating anything without that message-be it personal, or be it questioning authority and man’s inhumanities to other men. -DethLifeDeth"

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