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TRICOLI: The public should have come to Monday night's Town Board meeting

by James Tricoli

Monday night I attended our Town Board meeting which ran late into the evening. I spoke about the need to stop raw sewage from coming though the manhole covers on North Ivyhurst and Sheridan.

The Town Engineer tried to explain what he has tried to do to correct some of the major problems with the Waste Water Treatment Plant. He said he has people removing the waste sludge with shovels and some other methods. Our Engineer needs to learn what his responsibilities actually are or get help to teach him.

A concept plan for possible development on Transit Road in Swormville raised residents' concerns due to the possibility of development being built in a floodplain.

The board held a public hearing in regards to an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for 10060 and 10090 Transit Road. A presentation on the concept plan was provided by Jeff Palumbo of Barclay Damon and Bill Tuyn of Forbes Capretto.

Although the hearing was being held for the amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, a submittal of a concept plan was required. The petitioner was not asking the board to approve rezoning or the concept plan at Monday's meeting.

I also remarked about the development which might go up along Transit Road. It was an insane idea to put this development there for many different reasons especially flooding which will hit Ramsons Oaks and other neighborhoods in that area. There were several other reasons shared by people who live in that area. The developer said this project will have narrow sidewalks, not like Lancaster and other surrounding towns which have wide sidewalks. According to him the residents in those towns are fearful of walking on these streets because they feel unsafe. He also said parking your car in front of your house will give you 2000 pounds of protection from the possibility of a 3000-pound car hitting you or your house.

I heard what he was saying and knew if this project goes up parts of Amherst will have hell to pay. The public should learn more about this development and make up their own minds.

I went to Town Hall on Tuesday and as I walked in a town employee called me a trouble maker and said I didn't know what I was getting into, so I better watch it. When someone says things like this it merely adds to my curiosity.

Now I want to dig deeper and find out more about what's happening in our Waste Water Treatment Plant and with this particular development going up on Transit Rd.

James Tricoli is editor of amhersttimes.com.

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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