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TRICOLI: Why is local GOP leadership silent on this week's carnage?

By James Tricoli

There hasn't been one word from State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy about the murderous massacres which occurred over this past weekend. Every Republican official kept silent.

Stefan Mycyhajliw was especially alarming. He has said he is a devoted follower of Donald Trump and his methods. So far Trump has lied 10,000 times since he has been in office. Will Stefan use the same methods Trump uses to pass the blame to the media or anyone or anything else like video games? People in the rest of the world have the same games but only in America do we have mass shootings more than there are days in a year.

Nearly every Democrat spoke out about the murder of 32 people in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. From the Republicans, we are hearing mostly . . . (crickets)

The only conclusion I can come to concerning the Republican officials in our area is that they must be cowards. It's strange that they have allowed the power of their god, President Trump, to overtake their most precious gift, their soul. No longer is the LORD and his teachings what is really important in their lives.

Nick, I am sorry you lost any integrity you had and I will pray your beautiful daughter never learns how her father failed his country because of his fear of losing his job. You have already lost your soul to an evil man.

Republican Charman Jermery Zellner is now being investigated for the missing money, over $2000 in cash and $106,00 in checks. He said yesterday his office is a mess and he needs help to straighten it out. His consolation is that he knows he will be removed and given a high job in his party.
Anyone in Amherst who has children, please look them in their eyes and try to imagine what their future will be. Will they get shot at school, church, movies, or out playing in the yard? Yes, you would be heartbroken but would you actually be willing to go after those in government? Republicans will not pass better gun control bills so everyone remains at risk.

James Tricoli is editor of AmherstTimes.com

Originally published on Amherst Times. Republished with permission.

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