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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real Episode 47

We celebrate the end of 2019 with a Will Webb created Best of 2019 episode. It includes games, interviews and music from Dredneks, The Scarecrow Show, Intent to Sell, Handsome Jack, Muddle, LESIONREAD and Nine Layers Deep!

1:00 - GAME: “Slash / Cash / The Clash” with Jon Juchniewicz (Dredneks / The Scarecrow Show)
7:05 - MUSIC: “Eye Up“ by Intent to Sell
11:22 - INTERVIEW: Bennie Hayes (Handsome Jack)
25:19 - MUSIC: “Baby Be Cool” by Handsome Jack
28:56 - RYAN YELLS ABOUT: Filling out proposals correctly
37:24 - MUSIC: “Crackhead Behavior” by Muddle
40:25 - INTERVIEW: Shawn Lewis (LESIONREAD)
49:19 - INTERVIEW: Alaysa Dale & Jimmy McFarland (Nine Layers Deep)
59:32 - MUSIC: “Funeral” by Nine Layers Deep

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