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Jacobs declares two victories -- McMurray says 'count the votes'

By Scott Leffler

Republican Chris Jacobs appears to have easily won both the special election for New York's 27th Congressional District, as the Republican primary for the November race to retain that seat.

An odd set of circumstances -- including the arrest of the prior seatholder, Chris Collins and a global pandemic -- resulted in both elections being held simultaneously.

While the Republican primary seems to be a done deal, the special election is not yet totally decided -- at least not if you ask Jacobs' Democratic opponent, Nate McMurray.

While the totals changed throughout the course of the night, the percentages did not. Jacobs held approximately 70% in both the GOP primary and the special election.

It's not known exactly how many absentee ballots will eventually be counted but McMurray would need nearly all of them to go his way to eventually claim victory.

The public at large won't know for sure for at least a couple weeks. But in the meantime, Jacobs is playing the role of victor.

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